How to Get Cheap Netflix Subscription via Turkey To Save Some Money

Netflix is a subscription-based streaming service that allows our members to watch TV shows and movies without commercials on an internet-connected device. You can also download TV shows and movies to your iOS, Android, or Windows 10 device and watch without an internet connection. But Netflix subscription plans have different prices. Every country has to pay in local currency. The Turkish Lira has lost its value against US Dollar four times over in four years. That makes Turkey one of the most cost-effective countries for Netflix premium plans. That is why many people are asking how to get a Netflix subscription plan for Turkey to pay less and save some money. In this post, we will cover for you how to get a Netflix subscription in Turkey to save some money.

How much is Netflix per month in US?

Plans and Pricing

Monthly cost* (United States Dollar)$9.99$19.99
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time14
Number of phones or tablets you can have downloads on14
Unlimited movies, TV shows and mobile games

Top 10 most cost-effective countries for Netflix premium plans

CountryPrice (Local)Price (USD)# of TV Shows# of MoviesTotal Library SizePrice per Title
Pakistan1100 PKR5.962,1813,6425,8230.00026
Turkey77.99 TRY5.291,7742,9024,6760.00028
India649 INR8.552,1933,7245,9170.00036
Philippines549 PHP10.642,2884,1436,4310.00041
Argentina939 ARS8.371,9003,1495,0490.00041
Slovakia11.99 EUR13.042,0245,4127,4360.00044
Bulgaria11.99 EUR13.042,0245,1387,1620.00046
Lithuania11.99 EUR13.042,0144,9246,9380.00047
Estonia11.99 EUR13.042,0154,9176,9320.00047
Latvia11.99 EUR13.042,0124,9136,9250.00047

We have seen that many people are struggling with Netflix subscriptions via Turkey so we will try to be helpful as much as we can.

First of all make sure that the VPN you have is strong enough to trick Netflix ( you can check this with an easy way, connect to the Turkey VPN server and open, if it shows you after the loading you’re successful ). You have to try VPN services by yourself. Make sure VPN is working right otherwise you will fail.

Secondly, find a site to buy Turkish gift cards. Unless you do not have a Turkish Credit Card, your credit card option does not work with VPN no matter the service so the only option and SUCCESSFUL one is Netflix Turkey Gift Cards. Many people use G2A or ENEBA which we think that the prices are much higher than it should be (ex. we checked Eneba for 100TL gift cards and paid with PayPal (8.49 +0.89 € extra for transaction fees). After around 20 hours of waiting, we got our gift code via email. Then connect via VPN and create a new account. We do not suggest using your old account because most probably it will fail. So just creating a fresh account is much more logical.

Netflix is working hard to prove that you are a Turkish. Because of that; many people reported that Netflix forced new users to add mobile numbers after the payment. When you apply for the gift card (using It will ask you for a Turkish phone number. So find a Turkish burner number or ask kindly a Turkish friend of yours. Use the code that had been sent to that number for verification. Voila! You got yourself a Turkish Netflix account for five bucks. At that point, you can feel like Warren Buffet because you saved a lot of money. Now the only thing to do is just make sure to buy Turkish Gift Card and redeem it every month.

I know it is tempting. While your friends still pay 19.99 US dollars for Netflix 4K plan, you are just paying a quarter of that? I mean 6 Dollars for the Netflix Premium plan! It is insane! But, let us do some fundamental math.

  • Netflix Gift Card Turkey 100 TL had cost you around 9.5 USD
  • A VPN service strong enough to trick the Netflix plan will cost you, let us say 5 USD
  • A burner Turkish number let’s say 2 or 3 USD

So, the actual cost will be much higher than the fairytale version of it. You will end up paying 15-17 USD for Netflix Premium, not the mention the time you have invested so far to save 3-4 USD.

Before you gave up your dream to save some money on Netflix Subscription let us tell you we have the right solution that you were looking for. We are already a Turkish company that can help you set up a Netflix account while you rest. We will create a fresh account and link a legit Turkish credit card activated with a real Turkish SIM number. In contrast; we will create a Netflix Premium Turkey account for half of the price you are paying. Do not lose time and effort on useless tactics which is no longer working on Netflix to save a couple of bucks. With us, you can save 10 USD every month on top of that precious time. You can buy one month’s Netflix Premium membership to see if our offer is legit or not.

Feel free to ask questions and share your opinion and experiences with everybody else in the comments.

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